How Millions of US Homeowners Quit Paying Energy Bills With Zero Net Cost Solar Incentives

Government funding ends soon. See if you qualify below!

  • Federal and State Tax Credits only available to homeowners who install Solar by December 31, 2023
  • Homeowners need to act fast to get solar panel installations at zero cost before government funding runs out
  • Some states are offering additional subsidized loans, tax exemptions and utility rebates for a limited time only
  • Millions of Americans making last-minute switch to solar as energy prices triple

US homeowners are cutting their energy bills by up to 95% thanks to zero cost solar panel installation funded by federal and state governments.

People who live in specific zip codes are using government rebates, tax credits and other incentives to cover 100% of the costs of new solar panel installation.

Not surprisingly, this has led to a 34% rise in residential solar power installations in the US over the past year.

And who can blame them? With energy prices at an all-time high and continuing to rise rapidly, hard-working Americans are looking for ways to keep the lights on and put food on the table.

Many US households will miss out on zero-cost solar panels and left stuck with crushing energy bills

While millions of homeowners have already made the switch and claimed their zero-cost solar installations, many more will miss out if they don’t act fast.

This is because many states are running out of funding, which means certain tax credits, rebates and incentives will expire within the next 12 months.

Do you qualify for zero-cost solar installation?

Every state has different incentives. The free SunValue tool allows you to see which incentives you qualify for and whether you can get solar at zero cost to you.

According to news reports, these government savings programs will soon be reduced or completely scrapped in many states. Now is the time to make the switch to solar, cut your energy bills in half and save $1000’s on your installation before it’s too late.

See if you Qualify for Zero Cost Solar Installation

Is Solar Expensive?

The price of solar panels has significantly decreased over the past decade, enabling millions of homeowners who previously could not afford them to make the switch to solar energy. Thanks to current government incentives, numerous individuals now qualify for free solar panel installation, allowing them to save thousands of dollars while reducing their energy bills by half.

Do I Get Zero Cost Solar?

Use the free SunValue tool to see what incentives your state is offering and whether you qualify. It only takes 2 minutes and could save you $1000’s on your energy bills and solar installation.

Start By Selecting Your Monthly Energy Bill:

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